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Daniel Pito Campos added to IWM2024

Daniel Pito Campos added to the IWM2024 Elite Masters exhibition at Lilleshall Hall.

Daniel is one of the worlds top watercolour Masters and comes from Argentina.

Work is ongoing to schedule a personal appearance at IWM2024 but for now he will have 3 paintings in the show.

Daniel says ;

“I approach my art in a transversal way: my art is my life and my life is my art. The presence of watercolor is absolutely fundamental, it is the pillar, my voice that speaks or is silent through the water. I find in their capacities how I like to express myself, but it is also the way I like to see the world. I go a little beyond the purely technical side, I feel that I am in his philosophy. Because watercolor is not only the expression of images and their representation but also has aspects that are very unique and it is with that nature that I feel a deep connection that transcends purely aesthetic issues.

The water that is released and builds things freely, the multiple states of the paper-pigment-water relationship that generates a random, surprising and completely unique combination, the stain that says little but expresses so much, the heterogeneity that allows and results of an inexhaustible richness, are some of the characteristics that make me feel identified with and captivated by this technique. If we let it be, watercolor happens and in that there is magic.

To be included in the IWM2024 exhibition is a great honour – the show has a reputation all over the world, it is true that all the top watercolour artists want to get invited to take part in IWM !

We will work on my schedule and itinerary to find a way for me to appear in person. If so it will be my UK debut ! Vamos watch this space “

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