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IWM2021 Jury of Awards

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The Judges for the IWM contest have now been selected.

They consist of Watercolour Masters and other experts and professionals from the world of watercolour. Look out for their Jury posters on FB and Instagram to know who they are !
The Jury of Awards has been devised to cover as wide a range of styles and nationalities as possible. This makes the IWM2021 Contest jury UNIQUE !
Most watercolor contest juries have 4 or 5 members – the same old names over and over
The IWM 2021 Contest has over 22 Awards Judges ensuring total integrity and fair play. Every entrant will get looked at by ALL Judges who will vote independantly and in secret !
The IWM2021 Contest will be the FAIREST Watercolour Contest ever devised.
Awards for the TOP 100 Plus the amazing first place Awards for the Top 6.
Be a part of it, be in it to win it !
                                                                         Enter contest now – go to Contests page on this web !

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