Ali Cavanaugh, USA

Ali Cavanaugh, USA

My dependence on the visual world began when I lost much of my hearing through spinal meningitis at 2 years of age. This loss was a blessing in disguise as I learned to depend on body language and reading lips to communicate. So, from my youngest days, I became sensitive to the people around me and the unspoken language revealed through compositions of the human body. It’s the seen and unseen in human existence that has been a conceptual cornerstone for most of my career as a figurative artist. It is in the moment of hesitation when one moves into the interior space of thought, that I find inspiration.


I strive to paint not only the delicate features of the external person but to capture the tender unseen presence that transcends understanding in the depth of a soul. In my experience in working with the people that I paint, I repeatedly discover the profound mystery of existence.


Ali Cavanaugh is one of the most successful watermedia artists in the USA . #IWM2022 is Ali’s first appearance in the UK or Europe, a real coup for the IWM Show that is sure to delight visitors.

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