Alvaro Castagnet, Uruguay

Alvaro Castagnet, Uruguay

The world’s number one maestro makes his second appearance at International Watercolour Masters Exhibition England.

ALVARO CASTAGNET is a highly respected, multi award winning, internationally acclaimed Master Watercolour Artist.

He is particularly admired for the boldness of his strokes and the purity of his pigment producing inspiring works painted with gusto. He has come to be known round the world as The Passionate Painter.

His works grace the walls of important private and corporate collections in many countries.

Alvaro is an inspirational artist and generously shares his processes through his books and videos and through feature articles in leading International art publications. . He is well travelled and lauded for his expressive style and ability to capture the very soul of the location he paints.


23 May 2.00pm Live Demo

IWM Main Arena

24/25/26 May 3 Day workshop

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Alvaro Castagnet, IWM, IWM2021, Uruguay