Daniel Pito Campos (Argentina)

Daniel Pito Campos Argentina

I am from the city of Córdoba, Argentina, where I pursued my entire career in plastic art.
Since I was a child I had a pencil nearby, and by the end of my adolescence I discovered colour. Even though I experimented with all the materials used in the plastic arts, my work is based on the watercolour painting technique that seduced me as soon as I first encountered it.
Although there are many triggers for my work, both portraits and urban landscapes are the ones seducing me the most, which are facades of intense, magical and mysterious content.

 Being self-taught, I have travelled the word in order to perfect my  watercolour technique and learn from other perspectives of life.
When someone asks me about how many languages I speak, I always say I speak Spanish, some English and Watercolour Painting.

I consider watercolour painting my voice, with which I tell my stories.

For this reason watercolour painting is my passionate vocabulary.

IWM2024 is Maestro Pits Campos debut UK appearance.

It is an honour to present Pito Campos, a genuine  global watercolour icon, to the IWM audience at Lilleshall Hall.


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