Ilya Ibryaev, Russia

Ilya Ibryaev, Russia

I made friends with watercolours from a young age. Graduated- Art Studio – further Art College- Moscow State Art Academy (formerly Stroganov). I also did oil painting and ceramics, but still preferred watercolours. Watercolour is SPACE . I have been working for a long time in this medium it is a subtle and sophisticated material.

Thanks to paper, pigment and water, it differs from other materials in its complexity and technical unpredictability. Watercolour involves an endless number of experiments, and they are all interesting and beautiful. Nature is my main teacher.
Working in a living environment, plein air, studying the laws of nature, associative thinking and art education – all of this had a great influence on my creativity and style.


I work in the “A LA PRIMA” technique. – both on wet and dry paper. The main task in my work is the portrayal of light and air in watercolour paintings. LIGHT is the birth of all living things!

IWM2022 will be Ilya’s first appearance at the International Watercolour Masters exhibition at Lilleshall Hall Shropshire England.

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