Janine Gallizia, Australia

Janine Gallizia, Australia

Janine Gallizia is an internationally recognized watercolour Master, International judge, and curator. She is also the

co-creator and Art Director of the world’s leading watercolour magazine, The Art of Watercolour.

“Creation is the essence of life. As Artists we know that the voyage and the time taken to complete a painting is a special time. It is this time that makes us evolve, not the actual painting. My goal is to create beauty and emotion on paper that touches those that see my paintings”.

Janine at IWM2022

May 17 one day WORKSHOP 

May 18 12.30 LIVE DEMO

May 19 12.30 LIVE DEMO

May 21/22/23 3 day WORKSHOP

May 24 12.30 LIVE DEMO

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