Julia Barminova, Russia

Julia Barminova, Russia

Julia’s watercolour technique combines the classical school with her own exclusive methods. She is one of the great modern day Russian watercolour Masters.


She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of America, Europe and Russia. Julia has begun her most famous series of watercolours “Islands in the Stream”, dedicated to the play of light and colour on the water surface and to the structure and configuration of the ships, boats and yachts. She paints evocative images of port cities where she has travelled to. This is Julia’s first appearance in the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition, and also her UK Debut. She is sure to delight the live Lilleshall IWM audience at her demo from the main stage in the IWM2022 Arena for SAA TV.

Julia Barminova @ IWM2022

23 May 11.00am LIVE DEMO

24 May
Upcoming Event

Julia Barminova 24/25/26 May 3-Day Workshop

Lilleshall Hall National Sports Centre, Newport, UK

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