Keiko Tanabe, Japan

Keiko Tanabe, Japan

“When I see an interesting pattern of light and dark creating a certain mood, I stop and observe because something evocative about it speaks to me. When I paint, I try to be as true as possible to my inspiration. When I succeed, I am treated to the magic that brushes can do. Together with water, my brushstrokes surprise me by exposing something of my inner spirit I was not even aware of. Not an easy thing to achieve but to me, as a painter, this is the ultimate moment when I can feel such a great sense of accomplishment.”

Keiko Tanabe is well known the world over for her sensitive and outstanding watercolours. This is Keiko’s first time at International Watercolour Masters and her UK debut. for IWM and SAA TV. She is sure to delight the IWM2021 Audience and tickets for her appearance will be in high demand.

Keiko Tanabe @IWM2021

May 8th 12.30 LIVE DEMO

May 9/10/11 3 Day WORKSHOP

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