Konstantine Sterkhov, Russia

Konstantine Sterkhov, Russia

Without any exaggeration, Konstantine Sterkhov is one of the most prominent figures in Russian watercolour, and his merits are not measured by personal artistic achievements only. He has organised several significant international watercolour exhibitions in Russia, including “Masters of Watercolours” (2015), and “Watercolour Continent from East to West “(2016)

As an artist, Konstantine Sterkhov combines two seemingly contradictory features. He is extremely receptive and very constant. Receptivity and flexibility are probably connected with his willingness to try anything new in Art. That is why his works created in India, China, and Finland are very different. The differences relate to the artistic meanings that the artist chooses to convey, particularly the identifiable colouring which makes each country unique. Konstantine absorbs the technical and philosophical aspects of other ancient watercolour traditions, thereby enriching his own style. His artistic repertoire is flexible and varied. Sterkhov doesn’t confine himself to one genre. Portrait, landscape, still life, and animals, he is keen on everything, and everything he paints skillfully.

This is Konstantine’s second appearance in the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition and his first live UK appearance, he is sure to be a big hit with the IWM2022 Audience.

Konstantine @IWM2022

May 23 12.30 Live DEMO 

Live Main IWM Arena

24 May
Upcoming Event

Konstantine Sterkhov 24/25/26 May 3-Day Workshop

Lilleshall Hall National Sports Centre, Newport, UK


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