Linda Daly Baker, USA

Linda Daly Baker, USA

Capturing the extraordinary light that transforms a subject almost to abstraction is a main objective in creating Linda Daly Baker’s watercolours. Baker’s love of white and the soft nuances of grey, combined with the richness of earth tones and an occasional pop of colour make up her subtle palette. The romantic watercolours, while painted in a realistic fashion, are much more about the feeling evoked by the intimate scenes.


Ordinary subjects such as porch scenes, urban fire escapes, and even a basket full of clothes pins drenched in sunlight will capture her imagination and unique vision. Using ordinary subject matter and interesting techniques such as direct painting, pouring, scumbling, and a pipette, she achieves the luminosity her work is known for.


She currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina of the United States of America with her kitty Cassie.


Linda @iwm2021

May 5th 2.00pm Live DEMO

Main Arena for SAA TV

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