Marvin Chew, Singapore

Marvin Chew, Singapore

“As a plein air watercolourist, I capture the mood and atmosphere of urban street scenes and rural landscapes. Living in the tropics, I draw inspirations from the brilliant sunlight and colours around me. My work is a visual language that evokes a sense of nostalgia and belonging to both the viewers and myself. I am a professional watercolour artist and the former Vice-President of the Singapore Watercolour Society. I am actively involved in many exhibitions and competitions, both locally and internationally.

There are minimal margins for error when it comes to watercolour painting, and yet it’s not a perfectionist’s medium as it is almost impossible to tame its natural flow. I have spent many years practicing how best to control and to dictate it. But I begin to realize that it’s not meant to be controlled, but to let it flow while I just guide its course to create what I feel is artistically beautiful. I usually paint in a semi-realistic, impressionist style, using transparent watercolours that highlight the play of lights and shades, using spontaneous, bold brushstrokes which imbue the energy of Chinese calligraphy.”

Marvin proved to be an extremely popular Master at the 2018 IWM show and he is back at International Watercolour Masters 2021 by public demand. Tickets for his live demo are sure to sell out fast !

Marvin @IWM2021

May 14th 12.30 Live DEMO

Main Arena for SAA TV

May 15th one day WORKSHOP

Workshop info & booking



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