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Paul Jackson (USA)

Paul Jackson spent his adventurous childhood in Starkville Mississippi. He discovered his passion for watercolour at Mississippi State University in 1985. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Missouri in 1992, and has since been relentless in pursuit of his creative dreams, receiving top honours in national and international competitions, contributing his art to a vast library of magazines and books and sharing his creative influence to all corners of the earth.

Paul was honoured by the American Watercolour Society with signature membership at the age of 30, and more recently the Dolphin Fellowship r.  Paul is also a Signature member of the National Watercolour Society and an Honorary Member of the Missouri Watercolour Society.

Although Paul has an unequalled passion for watercolour, his creative energy has not been limited to paper. He designed the Missouri Commemorative State Quarter for the United States Mint, created the stage backdrop for the musical Porterphiles at the York theatre in NYC, has thrice designed Presidential Easter eggs for the White House. Paul has also created several public art murals and glass mosaics, and is a frequent leader for charitable causes.

A prolific artist and ambitious world traveller, Paul Jackson is one of today’s most versatile and visible contemporary watercolourists in the world today. Whether his subject is landscape, cityscape, portrait, architecture, still life or abstract, Paul captivates his audience with genuine emotion, intensity and finesse that energize each

Paul Jackson at IWM2024

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