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sara stokes at iwm2024

Sarah Stokes (UK)

My studios are situated in Arley England nearby the River Severn, where I paint and teach a range of classes, both face to face and online.

I am constantly inspired by the natural world, whether it is to be found here in England or on a reserve overseas and for that reason the subjects of my artwork range from the fluffiest of bumble bees to the most majestic of big cats. I am drawn to the colours, textures and the very essence of animals and it is those qualities that I try and convey in my artwork, particularly through their eyes and posture.

I also have a real passion for teaching art and for the joy it brings to students, particularly those using watercolour and charcoals for the first time. I run weekly classes and luxury immersive retreats throughout the year. With over 80,000 online attendees, I’ve also created a series best selling workshops covering aspects of the natural world, portraiture and journaling using watercolour, charcoal and mixed media.

Like many of my students, I came to art late in life in my 40’s and have never looked back. It opened up a world of creativity, travel and connectivity that I never dreamed possible and I count myself very lucky for being able to follow this passion as a full time career. It is that enthusiasm and joy of creativity that I try to bring to every class.

Sarah Stokes at IWM2024

sara stokes at iwm2024

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