Stan Miller, USA

Stan Miller, USA

“I tell my students that painting is a language, we use it to express our feelings, a visual form of communication. My intention for each painting can vary. At times I desire extreme realism throughout the painting. Often, with my portraits, my desire is to be more detailed and realistic around the eyes and mouth and then move into abstraction or simplification as I move outward.


I desire to capture the soul, the spiritual depth of my model. I equally care about the abstract arrangement of my shapes, the emotion behind colour and shape. I also often desire with my technique, to move from highly controlled to expressive, risky and bold application of paint. I seek to touch a universal chord when expressing the character of my model, a global connectedness that all faces express….a difficult task indeed.”

IWM2022 is Stan Miller’s first appearance at the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition. His outstanding paintings exhibiting in the show will be sure to amaze viewers and collectors.

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