Tejo Van den Broeck, Belgium

Tejo Van den Broeck, Belgium

“I’ll try to explain how I think, and work on my paintings. The idea is more important than the work itself.


Thinking comes first, and then starting with it. Making the visitor curious and looking again and again.


Preparatory studies are necessary to produce a work that is meaningful.


I want the visitor to see and understand what is going on in the watercolour.


When I have an idea, immediately machinery starts in my brain to work it out. I don’t think about the consequences, how I will do this or that to make it happen. All this takes a very long time. Finally it must end in a watercolour that makes me happy.


Meanwhile I search for a location, lighting, composition, the right clothes and all other requisites. It’s important to have good documentation, to take good photos in the right environment.


When I feel “it can be what I want it to be” it’s creative, I can make the difference with this figurative work, I start combining the requisites and the photos.


Finally I start painting. All this makes it pleasant and interesting for me and hopefully for the audience.”

Tejo makes his first appearance in the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition. His uncompromising style and academic process is appreciated the world over. His Live Lecture on May 19th in the IWM Main Arena is sure to be one of the highlights of IWM2022.


Tejo @IWM2022

May 19th 11.00am Live Lecture

Main Arena for SAA TV

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