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The IWM2022 demonstrations and lectures schedule is constantly evolving.


Due to the COVID challenges we will regularly update this programme as our Master Artists are able to organise their travel and appearance at IWM2022.

The Exhibition is open 10am to 4.00pm daily.


Please check back regularly for any changes to our programme.
We hope to be able to present at least 2 demonstrations each day of the exhibition.


Demonstrations are free to visitors who have purchased tickets for the show.


IWM and Lilleshall Hall will adhere to all Government COVID advice and instructions to keep everyone


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May 16

10.00AM Doors Open

12.30pm Pasqualino Fracasso

2.00pm Laurie Goldstein Warren


May 17

11.00am Joe Dowden

12.30pm Patricia Guzman


May 18

To Be Announced


May 19

11.am Tejo Van Den Broek

12.30pm Michal Jasiewicz


May 20

11.00am Julio Jorge

12.30pm Pablo Ruben

2.00pm Fabio Cembranelli


May 21

12.30pm Helidon Haliti

2.00pm Mikhail Starchenko


May 22

11.00am Matthew Bird

12.30 pm Cesc Farre


May 23

11.00am Julia Barminova

12.30 pm Konstantine Sterkhov

2.00pm Alvaro Castagnet


May 24

2.00pm Ali Abbas Syed


May 25

11.00am La Fe

12.30pm Xi Guo

2.00pm Mat Barber Kennedy


May 26

11.00am Eudes Correia

12.30pm Eugeniu Gorean

2.00pm David Poxon


May 27

To Be Announced


May 28

To Be Announced


May 29

Show Closes at 4.00pm

IWM Workshop Calendar


All workshops are all-day events which take place 10am – 4pm.


Some of our workshops are 1-day only events  some 2 day and some are 3-day events.


Please click on the workshops which interest you to confirm the length of the event workshop.