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IWM2022 Learn to paint in watercolor

IWM2022 Workshops booking now

Learn watercolour at IWM

Time to GET REAL 

All workshops are now LIVE and BOOKING for IWM2022 at Lilleshall Hall Shropshire in May 2022. High demand is expected as art lovers once more venture out to live entertainment. Many places are already reserved from the rescheduled 2020/1 shows.

David Poxon, Laurie Goldstein Warren, Patricia Guzman, Fabio Cembranelli, Alvaro Castagnet, Cesc Farre, Pablo Ruben, Julia Barminova, Eudes Correia, Eugene Gorean, Konstantine Sterkhov, Matthew Bird, some art workshops  for everyone ! All subjects covered.

Learn to paint flowers. Fabio Cembranelli will teach how to paint flowers. International Masters of Watercolor come to Lilleshall Hall, Shropshire. Laurie Goldstein Warren  will teach how to paint theatres, and the lights of Broadway. 

Paint buildings in watercolor with Alvaro Castagnet. Big cities on paper by master of watercolor Alvaro.

How to paint texture in watercolour. Learn at Lillehsall. Art Masters come to Lilleshall. The world’s great International Masters of watercolour in a fantastic Alliance of art. An eclectic exhibition local for you.

Texture Master David Poxon will teach you all the secrets of watercolor texture and other techniques.

Learn how to paint realistic paintings in David Poxon’s class.

Do you like cats ? Paint cats and animals in watercolour. Learn how to paint cats . Konstantine Sterkhov shows you how to paint cats.

Learn still life composition. Paint like the Masters.

How to paint still life, in watercolour. Learn to paint objects, vases, cups, porcelain, with Matthew Bird.

Matthew will teach you masterful techniques for capturing still life.

Paint like the Dutch Masters at IWM. Matthew Bird uses some of the same Master techniques.

Still Life composition, learn how with Matthew Bird at IWM.

For prices, info, and reservations please email Tara Workshop Coordinator at

[email protected]

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