IWM, IM,Masters, International Masters, International Watercolour Masters, INTERNATIONAL MASTERS OF WATERCOLOUR ASSOCIATION AND ALLIANCE The IMWA (International Masters of Watercolour Association and Alliance) is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition and promotion of excellence in watercolour painting. IMWA will present the work of top international masters of contemporary watercolour art and form alliances that will elevate watercolour painting worldwide. Through Biennale Exhibitions, Association Exhibitions and Youth Alliance Competitions, IMWA will expose the world to watercolour mastery at its highest level. It will promote international goodwill and cooperation through the sharing of art. We are the one and only one recognised association and alliance of Masters in watercolour. Founder members: John Salminen (United States) Ong Kim Seng (Singapore) Joseph Zbukvic (Australia) Alvaro Castagnet (Uruguay) Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden) Liu Yi (China) Huang Huazhao (China)


                                                          International Watercolour Masters 2024

The dates for IWM2024 have now been finalised.

IWM2024 will once again be staged at stunning Lilleshall Hall TF10 9AT the English Heritage mansion and estate in Shropshire UK.

Dates are MAY 15 TO MAY 24 2024

Ticket Information will be announced soon

The show schedule is being finalised and will be announced shortly.

IWM will again feature the world’s elite watercolour Masters, and will be extended to be even more spectacular than the 2022 show.

IWM2024 = More Masters, More paintings, More demonstrations, More workshops.

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IWM2024, the Watercolor Masters exhibition. The only OFFICIAL -Masters of watercolour exhibition at Lilleshall Hall UK.iwm2024, worls best artists at Lilleshall Hall England. Masters elite - see them live.

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