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amarjeet maan at IWM2024 England

Amarjeet Maan (India)

“My name is Amarjeet Maan and  I am a self-taught Artist from India; I have been Painting since I was in  kindergarten . The busy schedule of my education in textile design and professional life took me away from my passion till I was happily re-united over a decade back.

 I discovered watercolours and loved the versatility of the medium. The transparency gave the freedom and new character to realism

The time I spend planning each painting, from composing to the time my brush engages the paper and the last touch of paint to complete it, I find myself in a state of absolute happiness and fulfilment.

My subjects usually fall in the categories referred to as Still-life, Landscapes, Urban scapes and Portraits.

Many of my paintings have been on display at the various juried shows and invited to National and International Water-colour Exhibitions in India, Fabriano,  Canada,  Hong Kong, Thailand, Albania, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, Zurich , Australia, etc..

I also often exhibit in various art fairs to reach out to art lovers from all walks of life.

My paintings have been published by major watercolour publications internationally.

 Various corporate offices and private collectors adorn their walls with my works.”

amarjeet maan at IWM2024 England


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