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Arunas Vilkevicius at IWM2024 England

Arunas Vilkevicius (Lithuania)

For more than 30 years, his passion has been the creation and production of classic furniture and decor elements from wood. His favorite style is Art Nouveau.  The art of this epoch is inspired by nature with abundant references to trees, flowers, birds and at first glance, endless wavy curved lines. The connection with nature plays a very important role in Arūnas’ art.

As a child, like many children, Arūnas loved to draw and paint. The artist grew up in Vilnius, Užupis area (Lithuania), therefore the streets, churches, Vilnelė river and the surrounding nature of Užupis and the whole Vilnius Old Town were his “models”. Even then, his soul longed for creativity and had a burning desire to reflect the world around him on canvas or paper. But as he himself says, then it was just a childhood hobby.

Arūnas started painting in watercolor in 2016. Life is a funny old thing, as he says. He believes things happen for a reason!   Certain events in his life carved the thought to stop, listen to his inner voice, which whispered that it was time for bigger challenges… This is how watercolor painting gradually and timidly appeared next to his furniture art. It was watercolor and its capriciousness, which practically leaves no room for error, and at the same time its lightness and infinity that became Arūnas’ new medium of his artistic self-expression.

Since discovering watercolor and falling in love with this medium, he believes this is the beginning of his new life‘s path filled with passion and purpose. He has a burning desire to learn and experiment. He feels so blessed to walk the path where perfection doesn‘t exist….

Arūnas creates realistic art – creation of one piece usually takes big amount of hours, thus he usually uses as a reference his own photos. Arūnas’ works become more and more known and appreciated by art lovers; since 2016 he has participated in numerous international art competitions and exhibitions, is a winner of various international art awards.

Arunas Vilkevicius at IWM2024 England

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