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Carrie Waller (USA)

Carrie is a watercolor artist working in a realistic, detailed style. Her studies in Interior
Design and Graphic Design as well as her time spent living in Europe an Asia have
influenced her as an artist. Carrie currently works from her Texas studio after returning
from Tokyo, Japan where she resided for the last 8 years. Her unique
works are bold, vibrant, and dramatic.
Carrie has won numerous awards and has been published in many publications
. Her works have exhibited all over the world most recently at the Tokyo
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Kyoto Kyocera Museum, and the Hiroshima
Prefectural Museum.  She is a signature member of the
American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society.

IWM2024 is Carrie Waller’s debut UK appearance.

It is an honour to present Carrie to the IWM audience at Lilleshall Hall.




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