Cesc Farré, Spain

Cesc Farré, Spain

“I am an architect at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, Spain) and my artistic training has been closely related to the graphic expression and illustration of the architectural heritage. Currently, I combine teaching watercolor at school with master classes and workshops around the world. I usually mix my colors directly on the paper to give maximum transparency and shine. I work with natural hair brushes on fine-grained cotton paper with high-quality pigments. My methodology is based on a specific study of my subjects, sketches “in situ” and outdoors and an additional study based on all the material. I am passionate about nature, so I can define myself as a landscaper, a subject that I have specialized in for a few years. I am very inspired by water and its states, especially in the seascape.”

Cesc Farre at IWM2022

May 22 2.pm Live Demo

Live Main IWM Arena

Sorry, No more event to show

Cesc Farré, IWM, IWM2021, Lilleshall, Spain

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