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eudes correia at IWM2024. Master of watercolor Eudes at IWM2024 Lilleshall England.

Eudes Correia, Brazil

Eudes Correia is a talented Brazilian artist, now living in Lisbon. He started very young and trained as a graphic designer and illustrator but currently devotes his time to watercolour. He is Brand ambassador for Winsor & Newton in Europe.

His subjects are often ordinary people who travel through life un-noticed. He records and defines their history with his sensitive renditions, turning his accurate observation and technique into beautiful paintings.

Eudes has excelled on the International watercolour stage and has participated in numerous exhibitions world-wide. As a Master of watercolour techniques with a large following of fans around the world he rightfully deserves his place in the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition England.

Eudes Correia at IWM2024

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