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Gerhard Ritter (Australia)

Gerhard Ritter  Adelaide South Australia

“Watercolour painting has become a life long journey for me. A journey of learning, adaption and enjoyment.

I enjoy sharing my love for this exasperating medium through teaching, demonstrating, holding workshops and producing short videos.

In all my work I think it is important to honour and respect my subjects be they human or animal.

Since having my eyes opened to the wonderful world of watercolour painting in 2010 I became inspired to form the South Australian Watercolour Society Inc. in 2012.

I am a Life Member, Fellow and former Director of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts. “

IWM2024 is delighted to introduce and present Gerhard Ritter to our audience for his UK debut.

His insightful and delicate portraits and figure studies are sure to be much admired.



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