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Herman Pekel at IWM2024

Herman Pekel (Australia)

Like many artists, Herman Pekel experimented for a time with abstract expressionism, but he is now well known for his oils and watercolours. Herman is an artist of energy and enthusiasm. He is able to see a painting in almost any subject matter and is capable of producing award winning work in oil, watercolour or gouche.
Environmental issues are a great concern to Herman and his love of the landscape reflects that in almost everything he paints. He produces paintings of strong design and powerful impact – every brushstroke vibrant and visible. The scope of Herman’s work has ranged from dynamic industrial scenery to soft, draped interiors and broad Australian landscapes, which indicates the creative fearless nature of this unique artist.

Herman has won numerous awards and prizes throughout his expansive career, including the Camberwell Rotary Watercolour prize in 1993, and the Alice Bale Award in 1989 and 1993. In 1994, the National Taiwan Art Institute asked Herman to participate in a book and travelling exhibition with selected artists from Australia, USA and Taiwan.

Herman Pekel at IWM2024

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Herman Pekel at IWM2024

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