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Julia Barminova (Portugal)

Julia Barminova  is known the world over for her dedicated sea and ocean paintings.

Born in Russia but now makes her home in Portugal .She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of the world.

Julia has begun her most famous series of watercolours “Islands in the Stream”, dedicated to the play of light and colour on the water surface and to the structure and configuration of the ships, boats and yachts.

She paints evocative images of hundreds port cities where she has been to.

Since 2020 Julia has learned to  sail and has been on expeditions and voyages to the latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic, all of which she has documented in her watercolour paintings.

Julia will be exhibiting several paintings at IWM2024 Lilleshall Hall, Shropshire, England in May 2024.

Show Tickets on sale now  on this web.

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