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Julia Ustinovich at the IWM2024 International Watercolour Masters in England.

Julia Ustinovich (Poland)

“My work is about the elusive moment, the touch of the skin, euphoria, about love in all its manifestations. My language is open to everyone and understandable to those who want to feel it. because feelings make us so alive. My paintings are torn from my heart, and each of them contains an emotion lived by me. And if your heart responds, we are closer than ever.
In my works, I explore sensuality, loneliness, the psychology of trauma and ways to resolve it, the destruction of personality, and the path to oneself. The language of my research is universal and understandable to everyone.”

Julia is a contemporary independent artist working predominantly in figurative and portraiture subjects.
Born in Siberia, she escaped to Poland in 2016.

IWM2024 is the UK Debut of Julia Ustinovich.

Julia at IWM2024

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Julia Ustinovich at IWM2024 England.


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