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Julio Jorge, Portugal

Julio is one of the great modern watercolour portrait artists. He captures the essence and soul of the subjects that call him. IWM2024 is Julio’s second appearance in the UK,  a real treat for the visiting audience.

“My name is Júlio Jorge, I was born in Montemor-O-Novo Portugal in 1959, I am self-taught and use watercolour as a mean of preferential expression.

My painting is realistically oriented, accurate and meticulous. So, I practice a very slow technique which requires a lot of patience, because most of the time it is done on the paper while still damp, giving small strokes, allowing the colours to merge into each other and intertwine until they reach the shades I consider the correct ones. Basically, I build my watercolours, fitting small brush strokes as if they were the pieces of a puzzle.”

Julio at IWM2024

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