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Michal Jasiewicz, Poland

‘Watercolour as a technique is a bit unpredictable, you need to give it autonomy and let it do half of the work. Spontaneity and freshness are the greatest merits of watercolour’


Born in 1977 in Nowy SACZ, Poland Michal is an architect by profession.


Architecture and watercolour are Michal’s passion. Elements of architecture frequently appear in his works, though they are never represented directly, they are usually part of a broader cultural landscape. The coexistence of the natural landscape and human artefacts makes a remarkable material which enables the artist to create a half-realistic, half-poetic vision of the world, a vision as elusive as the changing light or seasons of the year. The resulting works are quite often inspired by a flash of light on a facade, shimmering surface of the water, billowing sky rather than by a particular object.


Fast gaining an enviable International reputation for his classic watercolour style IWM 2024 is Michal’s second appearance  in England. Many of his works are in prized collections world-wide.

Michal @IWM2024

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