Pablo Ruben Lopez Sans, Spain

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sans, Spain

“Everything begins with a trip, a journey, travel … always alert, observing, analysing where is that new topic that in many occasions is an old place for which I have been hundreds of times. Suddenly that day the light is different or the elements of the choreography are well placed, or almost, so that you do not have to make many changes. For some reason they are always landscapes without strident, acid or primary colours.


They are grey, of a thousand different shades, but grey, elegant, subtle and sober. Also blue, so that they fit perfectly with my greys. Better rectilinear, buildings, cranes, streets, avenues, structures. Perspective so that the view has a way to go and we can get lost in the distance. Better urban than rural; better filled with elements than simple ones.”

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sans is known the world over and travels extensively overseas. This is Pablo’s first appearance in the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition. Tickets for Pablo’s live demo on May 20th are sure to be in great demand.


Pablo @IWM2022

May 20th 11.00am Live DEMO

Main Arena for SAA TV

Sorry, No more event to show



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