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richard chao at iwm2024 in england.

Richard Tiejen (China)

A highly appreciated watercolor artist with solo and group exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia. An invited artist to watercolor demonstrations, workshops and lectures around the world. A judge to international art exhibitions.

A featured artist by the French leading international professional journal The Art of Watercolor, Winner of over 60 major watercolor prizes for the last 5 years, among which First Prize in the prestigious IWM2022 Contest- UK, A. J. Casson Award (First Place) in WSPWC 96th Exhibition – Canada, Mary Lind Award (Top Three) in NWS Member Exhibition – USA, and many others.

“I am trying to depict my interpretation of the human world in my realistic paintings.

Since I lived in multi-cultural Australia, I’ve had the chance to make friends with people from a variety of ethnic groups, races, cultural and socio-eco backgrounds, as well as different beliefs. Furthermore, on my exhibition trips. I was amazed by the diversity of life, and the shared features among people and such. Namely nobody can avoid birth, ageing, illness and death, and everybody experiences happiness and sufferings. So, I have been undertaking a long term project entitled “We Are the World”, which interprets in my perspective that the world is constituted by every individual life inhabiting there, so my models are people from every corners of the world.”

Richard Tiejen at IWM2024

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richard chao at iwm2024 in england.

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