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Xi Guo, China

“For me, a Taoist, life and death are the alternation of seasons. Birth and death are like coming from the “Tao” and going back to the “Tao”. By my paintings, both nature and portraits, I am seeking the beauty of the forms of lives, delightful and ugly, booming and straggling, flourishing and dead.


My paintings are also about the need for something that is capable of taking viewers out of here, out of themselves, even if they know that everything is phantom, everything, excluding no-thing, is not permanent, even if it is just for a moment. It’s about investigating the impermanence of images, thoughts, realities and dreams.”

IWM2024 is Xi Guo’s second live appearance in the UK and tickets for her demo  on May 18 will be   in very high demand. At IWM2024 Xi will also teach a 3 day workshop. Tickets and workshop booking are on sale now.


Xi Guo @IWM2024

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Live Main IWM Arena

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