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Season Tickets are now available for the spectacular International Watercolour Masters festival at Lilleshall Hall TF10 9AT Shropshire England. There is a 25% discount off the day ticket price for those who want to totally immerse themselves in the glorious delights on offer at IWM2024 for


Mona Omrani one day workshop 15th May at IWM2024. As you may know Mona specializes in very realistic paintings of cars - especially chrome - one of the hardest skills to Master. She is also a highly talented portrait painter -and of course a skilled instructor. Mona has

Worlds great Masters @ IWM2024

Worlds greatest watercolour Masters at IWM2024 Excitement is growing. Anticipation is high. TICKETS ARE ON SALE, and WORKSHOPS ARE SELLING FAST The world's top watercolour stars are booked for appearances at Lilleshall IWM. Some of the workshops are filling fast. Never before in the history of watercolor events

Laurie Goldstein Warren USA Master at IWM2022 Lilleshall Hall Shropshire England. Do Not Miss

Laurie Goldstein Warren Masterclass at IWM2022

Laurie Goldstein-Warren, USA Originally from New York, Laurie now lives in West Virginia. She has been painting watercolours for the last 19 years. Laurie continues to experiment with new techniques in watercolour and watercolour. She has exhibited her work in the U.S., Japan, Turkey, Greece, Canada

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