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Julia Barminova (Portugal)

Julia Barminova  is known the world over for her dedicated sea and ocean paintings. Born in Russia but now makes her home in Portugal .She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of the world. Julia has begun her most famous series

Lillias August RI

"Primarily I want to honour the things I’m painting. They absorb me and, however mundane they may seem, I want to give them an opportunity to speak and be valued. Most things have some sort of personal resonance or connotation and they’ll evoke different feelings

Björn Bernström (Sweden)

Björn Bernström, Sweden. Björn is an award winning artist living outside of Stockholm. He has participated in over 100 exhibitions in Sweden and abroad and is a sought-after watercolor instructor. The motifs in his paintings are often experienced moments taken from places near and far. Just

Gerhard Ritter (Australia)

Gerhard Ritter  Adelaide South Australia "Watercolour painting has become a life long journey for me. A journey of learning, adaption and enjoyment. I enjoy sharing my love for this exasperating medium through teaching, demonstrating, holding workshops and producing short videos. In all my work I think it is

Carrie Waller (USA)

Carrie is a watercolor artist working in a realistic, detailed style. Her studies in Interior Design and Graphic Design as well as her time spent living in Europe an Asia have influenced her as an artist. Carrie currently works from her Texas studio after returning from Tokyo, Japan

Michael Solovyev (Canada)

Michael Solovyev, Canada Michael Solovyev's  traditional academic art education, extensive experience as a head theater stage designer, and oil painter career, now inform his priority as a watercolor artist – light. Michael is a watercolor artist of great renown, with exhibitions and workshops all over the world, from Bolivia

Julia Ustinovich at the IWM2024 International Watercolour Masters in England.

Julia Ustinovich (Poland)

"My work is about the elusive moment, the touch of the skin, euphoria, about love in all its manifestations. My language is open to everyone and understandable to those who want to feel it. because feelings make us so alive. My paintings are torn from

Deborah Walker RI RSMA

"I have always regarded drawing as the seminal process from which all art forms grow. Drawing as mark making is an intrinsic part of being human; everybody does it but developing a language of drawing and painting that can express feelings and emotional responses has always been

Claire Sparkes RI

My paintings primarily focus on people whilst also encompassing still life, interiors and landscape. At times my work crosses these boundaries interrelating and layering elements. This leads to the weaving of narratives that draw upon connections through time and place, as well as between cultures,

Szczepan Urbanowicz (Australia)

Szczepan comes from an architectural background. He was born in Poland but now makes his home in Australia. His watercolours look beyond the rigid and detailed confines of his architectural training and explore qualities of light through contrasts in form, colour, and composition. His passion

Anne McCartney (Canada)

Ann is an internationally awarded Canadian watercolour artist currently living in British Columbia,   “My inspirations come while traveling around the world or from the people and landscapes close to my home. I capture special moments with my camera and upon being reminded of what caught my

Veneta Docheva (Bulgaria)

For me art is a feeling, a strong emotion, an experience. I love painting. My inner world has huge importance for me, and I try to revive it on the white paper. I paint landscapes, flowers but the real world is just a way to

Mona Omrani (Spain)

Mona Omrani is a recognized watercolour artist around the world. She has been painting and teaching watercolour techniques for more than 20 years. Mona has a great versatility painting from landscapes, portraits, urban scenes, cars, with great realism and sensitivity. Her works have been exhibited

Herman Pekel at IWM2024

Herman Pekel (Australia)

Like many artists, Herman Pekel experimented for a time with abstract expressionism, but he is now well known for his oils and watercolours. Herman is an artist of energy and enthusiasm. He is able to see a painting in almost any subject matter and is capable of producing

amarjeet maan at IWM2024 England

Amarjeet Maan (India)

"My name is Amarjeet Maan and  I am a self-taught Artist from India; I have been Painting since I was in  kindergarten . The busy schedule of my education in textile design and professional life took me away from my passion till I was happily

Arunas Vilkevicius at IWM2024 England

Arunas Vilkevicius (Lithuania)

For more than 30 years, his passion has been the creation and production of classic furniture and decor elements from wood. His favorite style is Art Nouveau.  The art of this epoch is inspired by nature with abundant references to trees, flowers, birds and at

alex hillkurtz @ iwm2024

Alex Hillkurtz (France)

Alex Hillkurtz was born in England and grew up in California, where he was an award-winning film student at Chapman University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production, he established himself as a successful illustrator and storyboard artist in Hollywood, collaborating

carol carter at IWM2024 England

Carol Carter (USA)

Carol Carter is an internationally renowned American artist whose work has been exhibited in many countries and published worldwide. She has won numerous international prizes for her work. Carol Carter was elected Master Signature Member of American Women Artists and Heartland Art Club, St. Louis, MO in 2019. She received the

Flic Flutter at IWM2024

Felicity Flutter RI (UK)

Felicity works from her home studio near Rye in East Sussex. Her inspiration and current choice of subject matter, comes from living not far from the coast. Water and all it’s many moods are a constant fascination for her. She finds it exhilarating to be

Petya Taneva at IWM2024

Petya Taneva (Bulgaria)

PETYA TANEVA Bulgaria "I live and work in Bulgaria. I have been actively painting in watercolour for the last six years and it has become a way of living to me. The beauty of nature inspires me to recreate its perfection in my still-life paintings in

Jiangang Sun at IWM2024 England

Jiangang Sun (China)

  Jiangang Sun is from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association; a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS); a signature member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS) in the United States; a member of the Artists Association of

Nicolas Lopez (Peru)

Nicolas Lopez, born in Peru 35 years ago. He paints as if his life depended on it, as if there was no tomorrow. Painting  is his oxygen- to breathe- and to express what he has inside. When you are exposed to one of his black and white paintings, you get

Deepti Singh at IWM2024 England

Deepti Singh (India)

Deepti Singh is  a completely self taught watercolor artist from North India . "Though I am a medical graduate I always loved to sketch and paint since I was five years old. Seven years back while working as a doctor in a state run hospital, I

richard chao at iwm2024 in england.

Richard Tiejen (China)

A highly appreciated watercolor artist with solo and group exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia. An invited artist to watercolor demonstrations, workshops and lectures around the world. A judge to international art exhibitions. A featured artist by the French leading international professional journal The Art

Ann Blockley RI (UK)

Ann trained at Brighton University and has a BA Hons degree in Illustration, specialising in natural history. She has written many popular books about her experimental watercolour techniques as well as filming dvds and writing regular articles for painting magazines.  Ann has exhibited in a

Xi Guo, China

“For me, a Taoist, life and death are the alternation of seasons. Birth and death are like coming from the “Tao” and going back to the “Tao”. By my paintings, both nature and portraits, I am seeking the beauty of the forms of lives, delightful

Tianya Zhou, China

Zhou Tianya was awarded Bachelor’s Degree from Hubei Institute of Fine Art, he taught art at Jingchu Academy of Technology after graduation. Currently he lives and paints in Shenzhen, China and works, as curator and professional artist of Luohu Cultural Centre   Tianya is an elected member

Stephen Yau, Canada

Stephen Yau was born in Hong Kong. He has held 37 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada and participated in over 200 group exhibitions in various countries. His paintings have won him many awards and are in the collections of local

Patricia Guzman, Mexico

Patricia Guzman is one of the world's great watercolour Masters. Born and living in Mexico her style and attention to detail has captured International acclaim. She paints with deep spirituality capturing the soul and essence of her subjects. A true Master of watercolour, prepare to be both

Pasqualino Fracasso, Italy

“I am an eclectic watercolourist regarding my choice of subjects and styles. I love influencing traditional watercolour with abstract and modern solutions which I have acquired from other media, techniques, and materials. My vision of watercolour is that the painter has to play on the

Laurie Goldstein-Warren, USA

Originally from New York, Laurie now lives in West Virginia. She has been painting watercolours for the last 19 years. Laurie continues to experiment with new techniques in watercolour and watercolour/acrylic. She has exhibited her work in the U.S., Japan, Turkey, Greece, Canada and China.

Michal Jasiewicz, Poland

‘Watercolour as a technique is a bit unpredictable, you need to give it autonomy and let it do half of the work. Spontaneity and freshness are the greatest merits of watercolour’   Born in 1977 in Nowy SACZ, Poland Michal is an architect by profession.   Architecture and watercolour

La Fe, Thailand

La Fe trained at the Graduated Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, at Silpakorn University in Thailand He has become well known for his "Watercolour without Drawing" series of international workshops and paintings. He follows a tradition of handling the medium of watercolour with a purist approach, often

Julio Jorge, Portugal

Julio is one of the great modern watercolour portrait artists. He captures the essence and soul of the subjects that call him. IWM2024 is Julio's second appearance in the UK,  a real treat for the visiting audience. “My name is Júlio Jorge, I was born in

eudes correia at IWM2024. Master of watercolor Eudes at IWM2024 Lilleshall England.

Eudes Correia, Brazil

Eudes Correia is a talented Brazilian artist, now living in Lisbon. He started very young and trained as a graphic designer and illustrator but currently devotes his time to watercolour. He is Brand ambassador for Winsor & Newton in Europe. His subjects are often ordinary people

Fabio Cembranelli, Brazil

Fabio Cembranelli is a renowned Brazilian artist who started painting at university where he studied architecture. His paintings have been featured in numerous International exhibitions and his unique and luminous floral watercolours are collected world-wide. "What compels me to paint with this medium is the possibility of painting


Cesc Farré, Spain

“I am an architect at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, Spain) and my artistic training has been closely related to the graphic expression and illustration of the architectural heritage. Currently, I combine teaching watercolor at school with master classes and workshops around the world.

David Poxon RI NWS Master artist and organisor of the International Watercolour Masters exhibition

David Poxon RI NWS, England

David Poxon was born in the Industrial heartland of England, but now makes his home in the rural countryside of Shropshire, U.K. He is an elected member of the prestigious R.I. (The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) and has served on the R.I. Council.

Dan McCrary, USA

“When I was growing up in the fifties, the exuberant (and sometimes over-the-top) designs of American automobiles totally captured my imagination. My enthusiastic pursuit is to isolate portions of these designs that, while captured realistically, form these delightfully abstract compositions." Dan's paintings of cars and auto

Ali Abbas Syed, Pakistan

Ali Abbas is a leading Master in watercolour and teaches contemporary painting in the Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, MUET, Jamshoro. Pakistan. He has taken part in many juries & workshops, and has had 16 solo exhibitions in national and international exhibitions. Ali Abbas

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